Janja Srečkar (pronounces like: Iania Sretchar) comes from Europe (Slovenia; Ljubljana). She is a versatile artist (author, poet, director, actress, dancer, singer; a music teacher by profession) and a fan of science-fiction literature. She is especially drawn to the protagonists with special powers. She has a wide array of favorite authors and their main quality is that they strengthen the message they wish to convey with the use of love and humor. Among her favorite authors are Vladimir Megre, Eros, Charlotte Bronte, Gustav Šilih, Bogdan Novak, Richard Bach, Stephen Turoff, Paramhansa Yogananda, Shirley Maclaine, Rhonda Byrne and Stephenie Meyer. In author’s own words her mission is “to mask” positive messages – that benefit our everyday life as well as our future – into packages of art (printed publications, theatrical performances, poems…) that people accept, understand and possibly even have fun with.”